Privacy Policy

The IWP ( collects data that you provide upon registration or later. We collect your name, nationality and contact details, including email address, phone number and street address in order to conduct the ordinary club activities and communications. We also collect any other information you choose to provide, such as your date of birth. These data are stored in a secure spreadsheet, which has very limited access and within our IWP website database.

You can access, control and update your data by logging into our website using the username and password you were sent during the registration process. Members’ personal data, such as name, photo and any biographical data are available to all other members on, however you can change you data sharing preferences at any time. If you have any concerns regarding the data we hold please contact

We ask our members to supply certain personal information to effectively run our club and to provide our members with the most relevant experience. This information can be used for, but not limited to, the following:

  • To send out new member welcome letters
  • To send invitations to Locality coffee mornings via the Amiga network
  • To send regular newsletters, announcements or any other club communication
  • To run reports by Committee members to monitor various club cultural and management activities, e.g. demographic profiles, location of members.

The International Women in Portugal’s Privacy Policy ensures that our members’ personal data and privacy is securely protected and is not shared directly with any third parties. It is strictly forbidden for any member to use contact information of other members for private business purposes or for sending unsolicited information.

In the course of club activities, the IWP may use third party sites or social media.

  • Club communications are sent out via MailChimp. Members can unsubscribe from IWP emails at any time. If members wish to subscribe at a later date they can contact
  • Event data, including images, may be uploaded to both our public Facebook page and our private Facebook group, IWP Members Forum,
  • An activity group, in which you choose to participate, may use your contact data on WhatsApp to keep you informed.

All third party companies are solely responsible for their own GDPR compliance. Members are invites to refer to each third party’s own Privacy Policies for more information.

This privacy policy is subject for review and update at any time. Members will be informed by email when changes and/or updates are made. Continued use of our website constitutes Member’s acceptance of the latest version of the IWP Privacy Policy.

Member data will be archived 60 days after failure to pay annual dues (end February), and will be deleted after five years.


Cookies: A cookie is a small text file that a website transfers to your computer to allow it to remember specific information about your session while you are connected. Your computer will share the information in the cookie with the website that provided it, and no other website can request it. Cookies don’t have access to your computer and they don’t have access to personal information.

Author: Website Administrator (reviewed and agreed by Executive Committee)

June 2018