June 2020 Newsletter

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June 2020: Highlights & Update

Dear International Women of Portugal, 

We are delighted to hear encouraging news about the re-opening of shops and restaurants all over Portugal...

In the past two months, we delivered a diverse group of sessions online, such as relaxation Yoga, healthy nutrition, home organizing, and grief and loss management; many of our groups met using  the IWP Zoom account, ensuring organizational continuity whilst distracting us during this lengthy confinement.  These online meetings are efficient and convenient, but they will never replace your physical presence and energy!

With the good weather, and using  common sense, we would like to re-initiate a few outdoor activities such as the Summer coffee mornings and the Sintra Walks (see details below).
Unfortunately, the news make exception to the area of Lisbon (Cascais is included). 

Please use your own judgement and join these group activities only  if you feel comfortable doing so.  The use of face masks and maintaining  a distance of a minimum of 2 meters from each other is absolutely required from all IWP members attending.

In this newsletter, we also include information about how you can contribute and donate food and money to those going through hard times, following the closing of businesses and the loss of jobs. We appeal to your generosity.

This crisis has slowed us down but it has not dampened our enthusiasm. With technical support from Tracy Cooper, Natale Baly and our Executive Board have worked together to deliver a new website to our current and new members. We look forward to showing you the new website by late June.

Additionally, as required by Portuguese Law, you will be notified via mail of a Financial General Meeting to approve the accounts of 2019 and the budget for 2020. The meeting will be held via Zoom; your vote will be tallied online.  The financial reports will be posted on the website on or before the 25th of June and you will be able to submit  your questions via email. This online meeting event is scheduled for the 29th of June. The Zoom link will be sent to your email address.

Thank you for your continuous support.   

Best wishes,

President Maria Barros and the IWP Executive Board

Return to Normality in the Cascais District 

It is the understanding of IWP that parks, cafes, restaurants and beaches are re-opening and welcoming customers, as long as the rules of social distancing are followed and face masks are used;
Please lookup the official page by the Cascais Council:

If you have other information you would like to share with other IWP ladies, please send it to [email protected]

Please understand that the IWP team cannot ensure the accuracy or outcome of the above details.  This is an informational note only. without ownership nor liability with respect to the information shared.

Summer Coffee Mornings
are re-starting on Wednesday June 10th at the Amphitheater in the Carmona Park in Cascais - grab a drink from the small cafe in the Park, bring a cushion or a blanket, wear your face mask (optional) and keep your distance...we will be there from 10:30 am to 12 noon.
Sintra Walks

are re-starting Friday June 12th with a new set of rules but the basic premise is to have fun and discover new sights in and around Cascais. E-mail if you want to join or need more information: [email protected]
Generations of Motherhood Connecting (New!)
When a child is born, so is a Mother, and often this new role is more overwhelming than expected. Layer other factors like being away from family, living in a foreign country, trying to make new Mum friends, working husbands and the normal day to day living, you have a recipe for being overwhelmed!
New Mothers need to be surrounded by wisdom, care, friendship and advice and these can often only be passed down by experienced women who have once been in the same shoes...
If you are a young Mum or a seasoned and experience, June 8th, Jessica Karas will organize a  get together in the area of the amphitheater of Casa da Guia between 10:30 and 12:00. Please email Jess if you want to know more.
Give Back;
Help those who need!
  • DONATE FOOD supplies such as sealed pasta, rice, beans, tinned food, durable fruits, vegetables (apples, pears, potatoes, onions, etc.), and/or basic hygiene products (soap, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.) to: Centro do Convivio do Bairro do Rosario located at Rua Paulo da Gama, nº114 in Cascais 2750-183 between 10:00 am and 14:00 - there are volunteers and staff available to collect your kind donations, any day of the week.
  • DONATE MONEY to Ulla Rapazote & Filipa Schlesinger Sottomayor ([email protected]) who compose food baskets and buy medicines to the local population in need and help Centro do Bairro do Rosario; S.I.S. Ulla Rapazote ; IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0038 3417 4302 3 ; SWIFT / BIC BESCPTPL - please write your name and email address on the bank transfer so they can thank you!

  • DONATE to a Food Bankhttps://www.bancoalimentar.pt/quem-somos/

  • Donate children’s clothing, nappies, toys, car seats, cots, prams,  and toiletries; coordinate with Isabel Costa or email: [email protected]

A warm and hearty welcome to new members : Fabiana Simoes who has also animated several Yoga lesson on our Facebook Members Forum; 

And finally, a big thank you to Nancy Sheldon for her contribution to the Executive Board. The position of Designate Member has been accepted by Philomena Hogg who is an active member since May 2018. Phil will be our Events & Group Activities Coordinator; you can reach her on the email: [email protected]
International Women in Portugal (IWP), members, and volunteers are not responsible nor liable for any of the information published in this newsletter, nor for any injuries or loss that may incur during any communicated activities, events, excursions, or the like.

Comments? Suggestions? Email: [email protected]
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