April 2020 (Quarantine) Update 2

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April 2020: Highlights & Update

Dear International Women of Portugal, 

as always but of course especially now, hoping you are well, supporting one another, and staying strong.

We all want news that is encouraging, and hope that some of the most restrictive measures of the recent quarantine will start being lifted so the IWP family can come together and support one another – in person, not just virtually. 
But it has to be said: how lucky we are to still stay close via this newsletter, seeing friends and family on the internet, and connecting at least as best we can over wires, electronic waves, and devices.

You will be as happy as all IWP members to hear that, to date, we have not received notice of any fellow member being infected nor ill.  We keenly hope this continues to be the case.  That being said, if you do know of anyone, in our community, sick or in need of support, please get in touch with IWP sisters for support via email: [email protected]

Eventually, when the quarantine lifts, we will need to be vigilant, listen to authorities, and follow safety precautions.  And most importantly, continue to be there for one another, and the community.

In this newsletter, you will find a short update of what IWP activities are being planned for the next few weeks, details of how you can help others in our community, and you will find an article by longstanding IWP member Louise Ross, offering her own unique perspective on what she has learnt during the global pandemic.

Please do all stay safe and keep supporting one another.  We very much look forward getting together with our IWP sisters in person soon.

With best wishes, Maria

President Maria Barros and the IWP Executive Board

PS: Click here to start a video about how much we hope all will get back to normality soon...

Masks Distribution in the Cascais District 
Please note it is IWP’s understanding that:

Each citizen of the Cascais district is reportedly entitled to a maximum of three (3) masks per week at a cost of 0.70 €, price as fixed by the authorities.  Each citizen must register at the time of purchase.  It is reportedly mandatory to present proof of address and NIF number to obtain masks, with NIF tracking aimed to prevent hoarding and to certify residency in the Cascais district.  It is not advised by authorities to look for masks in institutions outside your area of residence. 
Click in this link to reach the page where you will find a list of places where masks might be purchased.  If you are 65 years or older, and/or may be or know a citizen at risk, please contact the support line and request masks to be delivered you. 

Please understand the IWP team cannot ensure the accuracy or outcome of the above details, this is an informational note only without ownership nor liability with respect to the information shared.

Food Collection Campaign this Monday April 27th

Here is an opportunity for IWP members to try and help local authorities in providing support for seniors and families of low or no income.  Please feel free to donate food supplies such as sealed pasta, rice, beans, tinned food, durable fruits, vegetables (apples, pears, potatoes, onions, etc.), and/or basic hygiene products (soap, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.) to:

Centro do Convivio do Bairro do Rosario located at Rua Paulo da Gama, nº114 in Cascais 2750-183 between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm 27th April 2020.
If you do not have transport, contact IWP and we will work together to try and arrange for a drop off by the Camara de Cascais (near coffee shop "Paul").  Please email Annemarie: [email protected]

Free Online Yoga & Pilates Classes

Join Fabiana Simoes, our IWP Yoga Teacher on Thursdays afternoon via Zoom, at 6:00 pm: click the link Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 818 6650 2461 Password: 514531

Join Tobias a local Osteopath who is providing online Pilates and Stretching classes;
Sign up here to the FREE online classes https://www.moveeasyclinic.com/onlinesignup
If you have any questions please send Tobias an email: [email protected]

Join Bryn Kennard who is Jackie's son and living in Malta, for daily Pilates sessions at 10:00am. Please look up BodyWorksMalta on Facebook and join the fun!

Please take note that IWP takes no responsibility for the quality of these sessions nor the level of privacy of noted online platforms.

Is clearing out a challenge? Is de-cluttering just a funny word? If you would like to know more about how to do magic with your closet, join Paula Torres, a Professional Organizer and Certified KonMari Consultant (Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo's method) for an online Zoom session to learn about the method and the process of tidying up likea professional! Next Thursday, April 30th at 11:00 am.
Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 852 0448 6896 Password: 685249
If you are 65 or above, live in the towns of Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelos, Parede, Alcabideche and S. Domingos de Rana and need someone to go to the pharmacy, a bit of food shopping or just feel alone, you can count on additional support. As part of the measures taken to contain the spread of # covid19, Camara de Cascais, in partnership with the Parish Councils and volunteers, has created a Support Line to serve residents aged 65 and + who are in isolation. Service available, from Mon to Fri, from 9 am to 6 pm & I was told they have volunteers who can speak English!
Please note these are not health hotlines, and are for social care only via numbers listed below.

. Psychological support: 910016046 | 910017923
. Support services (pharmacy, supermarket, post office): 968772739
. Psychological support: 910007742 | 910026270
. Support services (pharmacy, supermarket, post office): 214603212
. Psychological support 910026662 | 910026282
. Support services (pharmacy, supermarket, post office): 214586730 | 214586739
. Psychological support: 910027872 | 910026896
. Support services (pharmacy, supermarket, post office): 214549190

For health situations please contact NHS hotline (24 hours)  Tel: 808 24 24 24
IWP Buddy System

During this time of isolation, IWP created a Buddy System for interested members. If you are feeling isolated or unsure of how things work in Portugal, or just want to chat with someone in the same time zone (!) then join the IWP Buddy System. We will pair you with someone who also wants a buddy; 

This is not a support group, it does not involve any medical advice or the assumption of responsibility for another member. It will simply be a pair of members who would check in with one another on a regular basis.  It could be via email, SMS, WhatsApp or by phone. Possibly video chats - whatever you and your buddy agree!

If you are interested, please email [email protected].  In the email please include your phone number and how long you have lived in Portugal.  Kathryn Rawlings, our Vice-President, will be the IWP Board Member managing this process, any disclosure of personal information to the member with whom you are paired is strictly confidential between said IWP members.


8 Things I’ve learned during Covid-19 Quarantining 

by Louise Ross; published writer, presenter and chef among many other abilities.
Look up her creative writing portfolio here.

  1. I’ve learned that our world is a gentler, calmer, more peaceful place with the pre-quarantine noise of daily life quietened. And I secretly wish it would always be this way.
  2. I’ve learned that the din of the external world has been replaced by the din of the online world and I’ve learned to be discriminating about the time I spend online, choosing to limit my exposure to negativity, fake news, and nonsense.
  3. I’ve learned that the world of technology is also a gift; it has kept me close to friends near and far and for that I am enormously grateful.
  4. I’ve learned how utterly clever, fun, creative, loving, generous and resourceful we humans are coming together in a myriad of ways in times of need to help, support, entertain and care for one another.
  5. I’ve learned that I love my cooking! When I spend time creating deliciousness, I’m tending the senses, indulging life’s simple pleasures! And those few extra pounds I’m now carrying … well, maybe they’re here to stay, maybe not, but I’ve learned life is too short to worry about a few extra pounds. 
  6. I’ve learned that though living in an urban environment, we are surrounded by ever-present beautiful bird song, and now, in the stillness, I can hear it, and I’m remembering that the sounds of nature soothe the soul.
  7. I’ve learned that I am fortunate: I am well; I have friends that I love; I live in a community that watches out for me so that I don’t feel alone. I am blessed, and with this awareness, I have the energy to give for our collective wellbeing is dependent on our capacity to receive and give in return.
  8. I’ve learned that we’re living through exceptional times when we all have the chance to simply ‘Be’, if we so choose, to contemplate, to listen to the still inner voice, that guiding voice that will help show the way as life slowly begins to shift and adjust to a yet unknown new normal. 

 See you all soon..., Louise Ross

International Women in Portugal (IWP), members, and volunteers are not responsible nor liable for any of the information published in this newsletter, nor for any injuries or loss that may incur during any communicated activities, events, excursions, or the like.

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