IWP Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures evolve through decisions taken by the Executive Board or General Membership as issues arise. They form a guideline within which the Association is run and further define the responsibilities of Board and Committee members. These decisions can be altered at any time by the current Executive Board.

An associate member is the member’s partner or a child of the member under the age of 21. Members will inform the Membership Secretary of any changes of membership details in writing.

(Dues and Incomes)

a. The Yearly membership Fee is €25.
b. New members will pay a one-off registration fee of €10. Returning members who are on the Database will pay €25 whichever time of year they return but not another registration fee.

Joining: October to June € 25 + €10 registration fee
Joining: July to August € 15 + €10 registration fee
Joining: September € 0 + €10 registration fee

When paying by bank transfer a copy of the transfer must be sent with a membership form or a membership renewal form.
c. Renewals are due by 1 October and run until 30 September.
d. Members are requested to renew their membership during the month of September.

Translation of Articles 170 and 172 in the Portuguese Code – See Appendix to Statues and Internal Regulations.

(Executive Board)

a. All Officers are responsible for producing an account of all expenditure at the Board Meeting following the event.
b. Each Officer will be responsible for a Standing Committee. The Standing Committees includes:

1- Hospitality/Newcomers 5- Website
2- Activities 6- Excursions
3- Charity/Fundraising 7- Public Relations
4- Lisbon Group

The Internal Regulations shall stipulate the manner in which the Committees perform their duties and activities.

c. The Executive President has the power, on the recommendation and approval of the Executive Board, to establish new Standing and/or Special Committees as may be required to carry on the work of the Association or eliminate ones that become unnecessary. Special Committee Chairwomen may attend Board Meetings without voting privileges.

d. Appointed Officers:

Activities Officer:
The Activities Officer shall organise and coordinate the Association’s activities such as lessons, sports and interest groups. She shall regularly provide the Editor of the Activities Calendar on the IWP website with details of all current activities to be published. She, and all Activity Captains, should ensure that all participants are regular members.

Excursion Officer:
The Excursion Officer shall be responsible for the organisation of the Association’s tours including reservations and arrangements for programs and travel. She shall see that the Newsletter receives details of the tours’ programs for publication the month beforehand. The cost of the tour should cover telephone calls, photocopying, postage, etc., expended in arranging the tour.

Publication Relations Officer:
The Publication Relations Officer is responsible for coordinating and submitting any of the Association’s articles and publications in the local press. The Public Relations Officer is responsible for maintaining a supply of up to date publicity leaflets and for their distribution. She is responsible for taking photographs at events and for sending them to the Editor of the Newsletter, the Editor of the Gallery of the IWP website and IWP Face Book.

Charity/Fundraising Officer:
The Charity/Fundraising Officer shall investigate charities and recommend those for support by the Association. The Executive Board shall approve which charity or charities are to receive the Association’s support. Donations of any kind cannot be accepted if such acceptance places the Association under undue obligation to the donor. There should be communication between the Board Members to produce an overall plan of events for the Association.

Hospitality/Newcomers Officer:
The Hospitality/Newcomers Officer shall be responsible for overall organisation of hospitality and an orientation program to be offered by the Association.

Website Team:
The Website Team shall be responsible for keeping the website up to date and making suggestions as to what should be included on the site.

(Final Disposition)

The Executive Board can change policies & procedures at a Board Meeting through a unanimous vote.


  1. Payment:
    a) A member is required to pay for any event for which she registers. A refund will be given if advance payment has been made or payment will be required ONLY if 48 hours notice is given to the organiser and (i) someone on a waiting list can take the cancelling member’s place or (ii) the facility where the event is being held will not require payment given such notice.
    b) The Executive Board will decide, case by case, the amount to be charged to associates and guests in events and excursions.
    c) Associates and guests cannot pay the same price as members when the event or the excursions are subsidised.
  2. Death:
    a. Upon the death of an Association member, the Association will donate the subscription fee in their
    name to a charity chosen by a relative of the deceased.
    b. Membership subscriptions are not transferable.
  3. Expenses:
    The Board will consider special requests for reimbursement for various expenses submitted by members with receipts on a case by case basis.
  4. Activities Policy:
    An Activity must be led by a Captain who is an IWP member. Anyone wanting to start an Activity must meet with the Activity Organiser to discuss ideas for starting a group. The new Activity will be promoted in the newsletter and website.
    IWP is a nonprofit making organisation but members of an activity can share the costs to cover the expenses of an activity, including refreshments or materials/ingredients provided. If the Captain leads the group she cannot charge a fee for her services or guidance. An activity group may employ a teacher whose fee will be covered by the group, but the teacher may not be the Captain of the activity. All members taking part must be IWP members but prospective members can attend an activity before becoming an IWP member. The policy that guests can attend 2 events before joining IWP should be explained to guests by the IWP members attending the Activity. There should be a sign in sheet at an activity to identify who is attending.
  5. Safety:
    a. IWP members and their guests attending an IWP event or activity do so at their own risk. All participants should be aware of safety issues. IWP Members and their guests attending any event or activity do so entirely at their own risk. IWP cannot be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages that incur at any of the IWP activities nor IWP events.
    b. Due to complaints to the board and ongoing safety concerns, for the safety and comfort of all walkers attending the IWP Sintra Walks Activity, the following regulations concerning dogs were voted by the board to be part of the policy and procedures August, 2015. Owners must keep their dogs beside them on short, fixed leashes only. Owners must prevent their dogs from jumping on other walkers. Owners must bring bags and always pick up after their dogs during the walks at all times.
  6. Communication:
    IWP’s policy regarding communication is to create an open, inclusive and supportive environment where healthy and respectful communication, both via email and in person, is our number 1 priority, while aggressive, bullying, belittling or demeaning communication will not be tolerated.
  7. Newsletter announcements:
    The only announcements in the IWP newsletter for organisations outside of IWP will be for Charity Events. A charity event is an event organised entirely by volunteers and all profits go to a named charity.