Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

10 Dec, 2020
At the request of many of our members, please find here direct contacts of the experts who advised during this series.

Our dear member Angela Randolph, a Solicitor of England & Wales and US Attorney (MA), held a series of talks on the importance of succession planning and many members have asked for contact information.  Angela’s law firm website is and she can best be reached by email on
Her colleagues who kindly volunteered to assist in this informational series can be reached at and and – Caroline, Carlos, Pedro and Angela sincerely thank members for their contributions with questions and comments that were compelling and thought-provoking for all. 

Topics included the importance of doing a will or wills, having a comprehensive estate and succession planning binder for executors and beneficiaries, and special considerations with respect to property ownership, insurance and trust vehicles, Portuguese residency and inheritance laws, and challenges often involved with far flung beneficiaries and assets.

Information provided during this series is general and is intended to encourage IWP members to take appropriate and advised succession planning steps no matter where they are from.  The guests are volunteer experts and are not retained, and conversations shared do not constitute advice and are not privileged.  IWP takes no responsibility and no liability will be accepted for any loss occasioned directly or indirectly as a result of persons acting, or refraining from acting, wholly or partially in reliance upon this series.

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