The ultimate blueprint to learning a foreign language (even if you’ve failed before)

Many people start learning a new language without really thinking about crucial issues that can make or break the learning process. If you started out extremely excited and then saw your motivation dwindle, you know what I mean. 
If any of this describes you, this workshop will help! You will learn a step-by-step system to approach your language learning in a structured way, setting yourself up for success!
After this workshop, you’ll feel confident and empowered to start or continue learning a new language with ease. You’ll also get a free guide to help you stay on track with your language learning success.
When:         Friday, March 12th at 10:30am (for about an hour + Q & A)
Maximum:  16 participants

Intercultural communication: tools and tips to communicate better in a foreign country

Communication in different cultures can be stressful. We can get frustrated and annoyed with miscommunication, feel misunderstood, and not get things done. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you know how communication happens and certain cultural differences, you’ll be prepared to understand and be understood anywhere you are. 
In this workshop, we’ll explore what communication (really) means. You’ll learn tips and tools to feel confident so you can communicate effectively in any culture. 
When:         Wednesday, March 24th at 10:30am (for about an hour + Q & A)
Maximum:  16 participants


Fun!    Prizes!    A way for us to connect!    An excuse to wear green!   Drink vinho verde!   Eat corned beef and cabbage!  
Prizes for the first ten teams to sign up!
The team should consist of 4 members, each in their own household that have phone access to WhatsApp or FaceTime – whichever you prefer.  

Each team needs a Team Name and a Captain.  The Captain will put their teammates’ phone numbers into a ‘group’ on their phone, so that one video call on the night of the event will place the whole team on the 4 phone screens, ready to chat and answer the questions. 


Anyone who lives in the household of any team member is welcome to participate ….partners, husbands, children, pets, leprechauns – you name it.

PLEASE NOTE:  We ask that you abide by COVID rules and do not invite other people into your homes for this event. IWP cannot take any responsibility for outcomes from families or friends not following our guidelines and regulations of the local authorities.

If you don’t have a group and want to play – PLEASE just let us know right away. There will be plenty of singles/doubles who we can match up. You’ll make friends! You might win!

CAPTAINS: please email us the Team Name, the players names and their email addresses. We will send each one a link to the Google Meet that will start the evening off. 

Please send this info to [email protected] and me, [email protected] 


At 7:15 pm – Log on to the Google Meet link and join the party! We will have a little time to see each other and go over any details and/or questions. Excellent outfits will be admired and you will get to see the competition! Have your phone charged and handy because …..

Just before  7:30 – While we are still on the Google Meet – the Captains will be asked to call their team. We want to make sure that there are no technical hitches that may need a last minute resolution. As soon as we’re good to go – everyone will leave the Google Meet and go to their email where the questions will have been sent.  

Time to play the game! The Captains are the only ones who need to keep the answers on their question sheet. Have fun! 
Do I have to ask you to NOT ‘Google’ any answers and be honest about your smartness? Surely not! Be in it for the contribution – not the credit!

At 9:15pm – the answers will be emailed out to everyone.  The team will check their answers against the list and Captains will tally the score and email the number of points earned back to [email protected]   (e.g. TEAM SHAMROCK – 36)

While Heather is working her magic to find a winner or two, log back onto the Google Meet and rejoin the group to await the results. You can actually click back on to the meeting at any point in the evening as I shall be manning the screen in case anyone has a question or you just want to take a break.

Please sign up and come join the fun – can’t wait to see you all!

Booktopia! – led by Patti Fletcher IWP member and book lover!

When:       every 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning on March 16th
Time:         from 2pm – 4pm
Where:      for now via Google Meet. After confinement, hosting in turns at people’s homes or at the IWP off
What do we read: to be discussed in the first meeting, maybe start with favourite books? Books should be available in print and as an e-reader.
Maximum: 10 participants

A two part iPhone workshop with Marguerite Beaty – IWP member and photographer extraordinaire!

Part One: Create a table-top photo – Photograph a still-life with backlighting – Learn how to focus your mobile – Learn how to adjust your brightness
When:      Thursday, March 11th, from 3pm – 5pm
Part Two: Show and Tell – Editing on your mobile camera – The fabulous App I like to use – How to take a great selfie.
When:      Thursday, March 25th from 3pm – 5pm