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A wide range of social, leisure and cultural events, workshops and weekly activity groups including:

IWP has an established reputation for offering a warm welcome to new members and for providing opportunities and activities that reflect the changing needs of women in Portugal.

IWP offers contact with and support to women who are new to Portugal, long time residents in the country or returning home from abroad. Moving to a new country can be intimidating as well as exciting. IWP hopes to help members overcome the difficulties often encountered when settling into life in a foreign country as well as offering ongoing support and activities to those who live in Portugal and would like to have continuing contact with other expats.

While most members communicate in English, our membership represents many nations and one is sure to meet others who speak their native language. By offering over 30 activities to participate in and many social events to attend every month, members have the opportunity to express their ideas, utilise their talents and enrich their lives through their contributions both to the IWP Group and to the larger community.

Portugal has much to offer the newcomer from varied food and wines to endless natural beaches, beautiful rivers, and historic castles and cathedrals. You can experience it all as a member of IWP by participating in tours, excursions, luncheons and activities.  Joining IWP will introduce you to other women with similar interests, hobbies or backgrounds, sharing in and enriching your own experience of living in Portugal.

For those with young children, being a member of IWP provides the opportunity to meet other mothers who can help you and your children adapt, find a new school, set up play-dates and find babysitters.


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